Do you have a problem visualising your Jobs and Staff scheduling?

March 9, 2021

Tim Garth from CATS Accountants really struggled with the visual aspect of XPM/WFM and knowing who was doing what work and when.  He was hesitant to add another software product into the mix that his team would have to learn. But they were in a messy place with job scheduling and something needed to be done.


Tim chosePlanRight after an online demo session from the PlanRight team.  He found it quicker and easier to schedule work than using XPM scheduling.  He liked the flexibility with the way PlanRight could be used – as everyone plans differently.  The support via phone or email was responsive and it was a cost-effective fix for a big problem.


CATS had a weekly job meeting and were able to quickly view PlanRight scheduled tasks on screen and update tasks that hadn’t yet been completed all during the meeting.


Before using PlanRight Tim didn’t spend the time in XPM to schedule work as it didn’t provide the visualization he needed.  Instead he had uncertainty of the teams workload as the team was adhoc with job scheduling and operating on a reactive rather than proactive planning basis for their clients. So Tim found PlanRight saved him stress of the unknown and gave him peace of mind.  It solved his problems of workflow scheduling and visibility.


Tims favourite feature of PlanRight is being able to break a task down to multiple instances of the one XPM task.  But other benefits were that he could view capacity planning for the team – daily, weekly, monthly and annually. PlanRight could also operate as a to do list for the team with task status management and reminders all in one place.


Every business plans differently and PlanRight is intentionally flexible with various modes, views and options for scheduling. So the one piece of advice Tim would give is to take the time to really understand PlanRight up front and set it up right.  Consider how XPM is setup and the impact of that on the PlanRight setup.  If you need help with this discovery and setup then PlanRight have Implementation partners that can assist to make sure its done right from the beginning.


Tim is now enjoying the efficiency of efficient scheduling in PlanRight and visualising who is doing what work and when. One more unknown for him solved!

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