Planning for after the lockdown

May 7, 2020
As we come out of the planned four-week lockdown, businesses are starting to think about what it might mean as the country drops to level three and two and some industries are allowed to re-open.  It is already apparent that some will recover more quickly than others.  
Demand will be high in a number of sectors and companies may even ask their staff to work increased hours or add additional shifts as projects get underway again.  All this productivity is going to need an effective real-time scheduling tool as good planning will be crucial to the management of workload and resource.
PlanRight offers flexibility with planning.  The weekly planner enables you to quickly see the gaps and fill them in, whilst the monthly planner means you to see the bigger picture at a glance.  The real-time insights enable flexibility as you can see who has capacity at any time and make changes to accommodate incoming work changes as they arise.
Your customers are already thinking about how they need to adapt their business to become viable under the new restrictions. Supply chains will need to be fully operational again, particularly around the allocation of available resources over a period of time and this too will require careful planning. PlanRight’s multiple filters enable you to drill down on capacity via location or other customisable groups and quickly view the work completed against the work planned in those groups.
Businesses will need to be prepared to quickly accommodate their customers as they swing back into action. PlanRight’s bold graphics, and easy-to-use ‘drag and drop’ dashboard means that workflow scheduling can be done efficiently and everyone can get up and running quickly and simply.
Your customers are already thinking about what will happen after the lock-down so why not sign up for your free trial today at: and start planning with confidence.

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