Product Update — Scheduling jobs and forecasting fees - October 2018

May 14, 2020

People love PlanRight because it gives them visibility. If you need to plan work across your team, factoring in capacity, teams, skills and deadlines — PlanRight helps you to see your schedule then drag and drop work around to help you plan.

Last year we launched the weekly schedule and this has been very popular, but there are some common requests we get:

  • How do I know what jobs need to be planned?
  • How do I see the status of a job?
  • How do I plan ahead over a full year?
  • How do I see staff capacity by month?
  • Can I turn my plan into a revenue forecast?

Solving scheduling problems is an ongoing journey and its safe to say that everyone does it slightly differently — so we are constantly working to improve PlanRight, add more flexibility and provide more visibility.

Today we are excited to release the next step in this journey with a few features that will work seamlessly with your existing PlanRight schedule.

Pivot by job

The schedule can now be pivoted by staff and by job. This means you can see the plan and progress for each job and also get visibility of what jobs still need to be planned or are getting behind.


The new forecast tab gives you an overview of your schedule — looking out 12 weeks or 12 months. You can pivot by staff or by job and drill in to see the forecast by task.

Fee forecast

If you would like to forecast your fees then you can enter your hourly rates by task or by staff. Rates can be over ridden for individual customers.

Once you’ve entered hourly rates, then the forecast tab can be displayed by hours or dollars and will compare your dollars earned against the budget for each job.

Working with larger teams

With larger teams, it’s helpful to be able to filter staff using PlanRight groups and now you can also filter jobs by category. The category is set in XPM/WFM.

Skill groups

Sometimes you need to find the right person with the right skills for the right job. PlanRight’s new premium feature, skills groups, allows you to do just this.

Staff can update their own profile to manage their skills.

The schedule can then be filtered to find people with a desired skill.

What’s next?

  • Making the forecast editable
  • Adding new sync options
  • Read only user role

Please do get in touch if you have any feedback or requests for PlanRight.

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