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July 13, 2020

Working smarter, not harder means different things for different people and not only increases productivity by saving time and labour costs, but also saves energy and makes you feel good about how much more you are able to achieve. Ross Benton from Safety Solutions recently reported that after using PlanRight for only a short period of time, he had already noticed that using PlanRight to schedule his staff saved him around an hour each week.

By establishing a regular routine and using PlanRight as part of Ross’s daily planning processes it fast became a habit. Regular routines and good habits are key to being organised and keeping on top of your tasks.  

PlanRight then becomes an important business tool that your whole team can use at a variety of levels.  You have the ability to make your staff responsible for planning their own time – allowing independence and flexibility.  Or, do the planning for them – allowing them to see only what they need to be doing and when – without getting bogged down in the detail.

Ross also noted that PlanRight’s forecast tab enables him to easily forecast into the future whereas prior to using it, they were only forecasting a month out.  “As a job comes in, it’s included in the plan– so useful to have that information further into the future”.

People love using PlanRight for their scheduling because it offers visibility and flexibility. When you need to plan work across your team and factor incapacity, staff, skills and deadlines, PlanRight enables you to see your schedule and plan with ease using the simple drag and drop interface. So why don’t you give it a go today? Sign up for your free trial of PlanRight today and see how PlanRight can save you valuable time, enabling you to work smarter, not harder.

* Ross Benton is a Senior Consultant and Director at Safety Solutions based in Rotorua, NZ.

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