Introducing PlanRight - February 2017

May 14, 2020

Over the last few years we’ve found ourselves solving the same problem for a variety of customers (accountants, vehicle rentals, port authorities and psychologists). Everyone wants to grow their business, plan better and provide better services. And to do this they all need better visibility of their business information.

There are great business systems available today which contain a lot of information. But without being able to visualise the content, it’s hard to leverage that data to grow a business.

There’s also good reasons why businesses struggle with this kind of visibility. Usually, it’s because the underlying information is locked up in one person’s head or in the business software — where it can be incomplete and become rapidly out-of-date.

PlanRight is our new workload and capacity tool

PlanRight is a WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager add-on, so you’ll continue to manage your clients, jobs, quotes and invoices from WFM/XPM — with PlanRight sitting alongside.

You can choose to invite your staff into PlanRight or simply use it as a planning tool. The benefit of inviting staff is that they can see a list of allocated work and then provide updates like timesheets, notes, task status and reminders.

PlanRight has three simple concepts that give you great visibility:

  • The job planner — schedule tasks in a job to your staff
  • The weekly schedule — shows what your team are working on for the next 2–6 weeks
  • The capacity bar — highlights the capacity your team has each month during the year

Other features in V1 include:

  • drag and drop to schedule work
  • setup hours worked and productivity levels for each staff member
  • email reminders when tasks are due to start and finish
  • custom reminders can be set for tasks
  • track status of tasks
  • split tasks into fixed work (where it must be done in a given month) vs variable work (that can be planned) vs ongoing work (that happens continuously)
  • jobs and tasks can be rolled over by month or year, creating new jobs in WorkflowMax with the same task allocations

Join us

PlanRight will be a journey — starting with simple workload and capacity visualisations and development from there.

If you’d like to join us in making this a great tool for your business, simply signup at We’ll get in touch to help you get started.

What’s next?

We’ll be rolling out PlanRight to our beta customers and working through the long list of people who have expressed interest. We’ve worked hard to make sure we can provide a quality service and remain committed to a roadmap going forward.

We’ll be prioritising our workload based on user feedback including:

  • more filters on the schedule
  • weekly capacity calculations
  • entering annual leave (so it can be factored into capacity planning)
  • better timesheet functionality

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