Product Update — Going places - July 2019

May 14, 2020

For two years, PlanRight has enabled more and more businesses to become experts in managing staff capacity and workload. Its bold, graphic interface shows you the capacity of your staff at-a-glance and lets you carefully manage the impact of new projects coming down the line. Over or under scheduling becomes a thing of the past. You simply see where the gaps are and know immediately if you’ve got too much on.

Integrating seamlessly with WorkflowMax, the simplicity and flexibility of PlanRight means you can schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly — making it ideal for any business that allocate time against specific projects or clients — like accountants, architects, engineers, consulting firms and creative/design agencies.

“PlanRight has fundamentally changed our business”
Janine Bickerton, GM, Marx Design Ltd

Over the last month, we have released a number of improvements that will make PlanRight more useful for more businesses.

Two ways to work with WorkflowMax

We’ve seen two different approaches in how people are using WorkflowMax/XPM and PlanRight together.

PlanRight, is a planning tool that extends WorkflowMax/XPM and our original intention was to allow people to do all of their planning in PlanRight, using the jobs and staff from WorkflowMax.

People have also discovered that PlanRight is a great tool for visualising and communicating their workload even if they have done all of their planning in WorkflowMax. However, until now, the way we sync data from WorkflowMax to PlanRight forces you to do your planning in PlanRight — even if you’ve already done it in WorkflowMax.

So we have increased the customisability of the Sync. This enables you to choose with much more specificity how WorkflowMax/XPM sync to PlanRight allowing our users to stick to their current workflow process but still benefit from PlanRight’s strengths.

Forecast Faster
Due to popular demand, rather than just displaying task allocations as forecasts, we have enabled forecasts to be editable in themselves. Data flows between the forecasts and the task allocations dynamically. Furthermore forecasts can be filtered not only by job but by staff members.

International Options
As our international customer base increases, we have added the ability to choose your currency Dollar, Euro, or Pound, via the Organisation settings. The currency options of course flow through to the forecasting.

Read only roles
We have added two new roles for staff, these being Read Only, and Read Only (view all). This enables you to make sure your team members may be able to see just their schedule or the wider team schedule, but they are not able to make certain changes.

Updated Help
As we have been busy with adding all these new features, we are also updating the Help area of PlanRight!

Next Features
What we plan to do next — is more of the same. Do you have a feature request? Would you be interested in PlanRight as a stand alone tool by itself? If so please let us know by dropping us an email to

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