Product Update - Take your planning to the next level - September 2017

May 14, 2020

People love our planning tool PlanRight. It’s flexible, lets you drag and drop to allocate tasks and makes team planning really easy.

Now, we’re taking PlanRight to the next level with daily workload and capacity hints. As you add and move tasks around your schedule you’ll instantly get feedback letting you know if a person is over capacity.

The daily capacity bar will be blue if the person is within capacity or red if they are over capacity (hover over the bar to find out the exact time allocated vs capacity).

Keeping you updated

The actual hours worked has a huge impact on capacity. PlanRight will let you know if a team member is on track or getting behind. Even if they had enough capacity at the start of the task, as every day passes, it’s possible they no longer have enough capacity to get the task finished.

The daily capacity bar will be green if the person has logged enough hours. Or orange if they haven’t logged enough hours.

The staff tab gives you and your team a to-do list view of workload and allows tasks to be easily marked as completed. Completed tasks will not consume any remaining capacity.

Thanks to our awesome customers who have provided us with the feedback and insights to keep improving PlanRight.

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(If you’d like to experience how the daily capacity can make your planning easier, select “Use demo data” after you signup and you’ll be able to instantly play with some sample data.)

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